ActivePure® Technology is at work in some of America's most famous places

A multitude of homes and businesses experience the benefits of ActivePure® Technology every day and have come to depend on our honesty and service. Our satisfied customers rely on the protection provided by Beyond by Aerus and ActivePure® Technology to safeguard their environments from harmful airborne and surface contaminants.

  • Schools
  • Athletic facilities
  • Liberty Bell
  • Ground Zero Museum
  • Homes
  • Veterinary clinics
  • Hotels
  • Businesses

* Based on earlier ActivePure® Technology. Does not apply to current Beyond by Aerus products.


"Fantastic service technician. She had the two mechanical problems with our vacuum cleaner fixed within 10 minutes - while we waited. Outstanding service, excellent customer service and an extreme pleasure to deal with. We highly recommend this business. Aerus Electrolux is fortunate to have an outstanding employee. Thank you; you made our day!"

Sharon C

"Excellent service, great staff."

L Mar

"This was my first experience with Aerus Electrolux in Edmonton and the service was impeccable. They were knowledgeable, helpful in recommending with I needed. Their professionalism was top notch and I would recommend to anyone. Will be using them in the future."

Crystal C

"Sooo happy with my new built-in Electrolux vacuum. I had a builders grade built-in vacuum and hated it from Day 1. I love how they come and install it. I had a Electrolux canister vacuum for 30+ years. Customer service excellent !!"

Anita L

"This is a 100-star review for the Aerus Electrolux team Angie and Donald. Super friendly. Very patient when explaining what is going on. Very pleasant to work with. Very transparent with pricing. Fast and clear communication."

Shauna W

"We completely love Aerus Electrolux. Their products are excellent quality and are backed with a very comprehensive warranty. Donald is simply amazing. We contacted him to look at some vacuums because we had purchased a Miele Pet vacuum a year and 2 days prior and the motor blew on it and we don't even have pets. We bought it thinking that it was a good brand but they wouldn't even help us out 2 days after the year warranty. We honestly thought that we would save some money and buy the cheaper vacuum instead of replacing our older Electrolux. We will never make that mistake again. You get what you pay for stands true to the letter here. Donald came by with several models to show us within 45 minutes of us calling and walked us through each model demonstrating each one. He matched us up with exactly what we needed. Super professional and extremely knowledgeable. Lesson learned, we will never stray from this kind of quality ever again. Thanks Donald, you are amazing. We highly recommend anyone looking for a quality vacuum that will last a very, very, very long time and backed with top notch service throughout and beyond your ownership get into an Aerus Electrolux. They do service calls regularly and make owning their products super easy!"

Dori D

"I went around to a few different places today and because of the holidays no one could order my part needed, and be out of a vacuum for 2 weeks. I came across here and talked with Angela OMG am I glad I did I had the part installed within 10 minutes and she was amazing! Talk about fantastic customer service no need for anyone to go anywhere else.TY Angela!!!"

Cathy D

"Angie and Donald have been truly amazing to deal with, throughout all our needs, with their first-class knowledge/service and products. I purposely leave out any reference to time, in the sincerest of hope that they stay healthy/well, and sincerely look forward to our dealings in the many years to come!"


"Everyone at Aerus was incredibly helpful and knowledgeable! I went to two other places that were unable to help me. Luckily one of them pointed me in the direction of Aerus. With one quick call to Angela she had the right part picked out and they do FREE DELIVERY! What a life saver for a mom on the go. Unfortunately I do not remember the name of the gentlemen who brought me the part but he was very friendly and wanted to ensure the part was right for my vacuum and everything worked before he left. Great service and they know what they are doing! I would highly recommend."

Christina A

"Angie and Donald both offer competent professional knowledge, valuable experience, and a friendly personal touch to their customers regarding the vacuum systems and air purification units they sell and install. We appreciated Angie's clear direction and product advice on-site, and Donald's skills and follow-up information sessions upon install at our house. Quality products vended and made ready to go by a fabulous staff- WOW!"

Roger S

"We are very happy with our air purifiers. Donald was very knowledgeable and helpful and we greatly appreciate all he did for us in helping to resolve our air quality issues. Thank you very much Donald!"

Patricia R

"Went Saturday morning for a air cleaner bulb. Service was far beyond my expectations. The bulb wasn't cheap."

Marie K

"Great service & friendly staff. I highly recommend this business."

James F

"Amazing company and staff! Always fast, convenient, and efficient. I called Angie yesterday and I have Donald the technician here this afternoon for free, no labor charges or house call charges. Just pay for your parts and products you need. Great location on the south side lots of free parking. Quality products at great prices."

Miranda L

"I purchased my Electrolux from them back in 2009 and it has been the best machine I have ever owned. I recently took in in for service and Angie was very knowledgable and diagnosed the problem within minutes. They always have what I need in stock and are even willing to do FREE house calls. When our central vac was having issues they sent out a technician and they removed they system, repaired the machine and delivered it back and re-installed the machine for no extra charge. I would highly recommend this company and they even do repairs on non-electrolux products. 10/10"

Zachary G

"Sales/service technician Gary is a credit to the company. Sold and installed a central vac for me 5 years ago, promising to install the basement lines when I was ready. Returned today and made good on his word. Customer service like that is hard to come by."

Chester S

"Dealt with Angie the Service technician with my Air Purifier dilemma. She thoroughly explained their machine, technology and set me up with a free air test. I am extremely happy with our new Aerus Beyond purchase & have noticed a huge difference in the dust levels in our house. Thanks again Angie."

Blaine S

"Best customer service we have had in a very long time. I would highly recommend this location and these vacuum cleaners."

Tena G

"Had the opportunity to deal with Donald and he was able to get me in to a great built in vac!! These guys are great and very knowledgeable! Recommend them for any vacuum needs!"

Karston S

"Very helpful and friendly, great service all around. They will even deliver vacuum bags to you for free!"

Allan T

"We have the Beyond Guardian air cleaner for both levels of our house, and the Lux Guardian Angel in our bedroom. Since we put these air purifiers to work, we have definitely notice how dust free the furniture and base boards are in our house. In fact, when our daughter was visiting she shook out a throw blanket and commented on how little dust she saw in the sunlight. I'm very happy we invested in these. I have dust and pollen allergies, and I don't have time to dust. I'm looking forward to getting a dog now."

Jenny G

"I just wanted to tell you how your products have completely changed my life. We were given an air purification system and vacuum as a gift, and had no idea the impact that the set would have on our lives. I have struggled with allergies since I became pregnant for the first time in 2010, and my allergies have only increased with each child, as well as seasonally. In an attempt to help me feel better, my husband purchased some Afrin nose spray for me during that initial pregnancy, and I did not realize that I would become addicted to it. I used it through four pregnancies and have used it at least twice daily and once or twice during the night for all these eight years. After one week of having the air purifiers in our home in the main living area and several bedrooms, including ours, I have COMPLETELY stopped using the nose spray. I realized one night that I had not reached for it at all that day and have NEVER needed it again.

I am now over a month "clean" of my addiction, and overwhelmed with gratitude for how this product has changed my life. I would be thrilled to share my story with anyone who is wondering whether or not they should invest in this home purification system. Thank you, Electrolux, and THANK YOU, JASON AND BETTY!"

Lindsey G

"My wife Anura has had terrible allergies for years - particularly with dust mites. It was so severe that we even tried pulling up all our carpet and installing wood floors...but even that didn't solve her issues entirely.

When I heard about the Beyond Guardian Air, I was open to try it - and I've been blown away by what a huge difference it's made. Within 48 hours, there was a startling, noticeable difference in our home. I am so impressed with what this technology can do, and has done, for people who suffer from airborne allergens.

My wife rarely even mentions her allergies now - that's how much our lives have changed because of the ActivePure Technology in these units. The overall dust in our home has also significantly decreased, and we just couldn't be happier with the results."

Eric V

The best part of my amazing vacuum is the personal service. No other vacuum comes with this level of service. I have worked with Jay for years & it has always been a positive experience.

Michelle Bodin

I had a "real" Electrolux central vac in my previous home. We moved into new construction and I got one of the "new" Electrolux system (beam) - been a problem for three years. I found this store and had an amazing experience with the sales lady and an equally satisfying encounter with the installer. I know it was installed just yesterday but the quality really shows, and I was treated royally. Highly recommended

Wayne Wilson

Jay is so knowledgeable, had the home system in a house we bought and it's been awesome! So powerful and love all the attachments, not harmful to the carpet. He was super available and prompt when we needed help - love learning about alternative house cleaning products as well. Highly recommend.


They are the best Central Vac systems on the market, they have the best service and the product is worth the investment!! My kids love vacuuming now

Trisha L

Jay has been servicing my vacuums for over 14 years! He is always very personable and knows what he is doing. I'm grateful to have someone to call on when things aren't quite working right. Besides great vacuum care, you might also get a joke or two to make your day. Thanks Jay!

Karen Springer

This company has been super to work with. I would say they are exceptional. I get a yearly call for a free cleaning service on our central vacuum system. Highly recommended and very satisfied with the service.

Lane Peterson

We love this Vacuum. We have had it for 5 years now and everything has been true to what we were sold on from service to warranty. Jay has been our guy and couldn't have asked for a better rep. This vacuum and service has been worth every penny.

RJ Cunningham

Jay was so knowledgeable and wonderful! I would recommend him and his products to anyone! And I will!

Heather Cullimore

Best vacuum salesman ever. Will make house calls on a moments notice, (If available)!!! Jay and Connie you rock.

Melanie Dansie

Very good products. We have the central all-house vacuum, laundry pro, soft water system, reverse osmosis water purifier, and air purifiers. Great service. Jay is very knowledgeable and great to work with. He is very professional.

Rick Nelson

I've had their central vac system in my home for 13 years, and it's been great. Jay always makes sure the system is running at its very best.

Jenna Szoke

Used the same vacuum for 24 years with seven children!! Best vacuum in the world!!

Susan Mecham

I have been using an aerus electrolux vacuum cleaner for the last 15 years and I love it. Whenever I have needed service I call the phone number on my vacuum and they always get right back with me. Would recommend this product to anyone.

Bev Evans

Great service and support. We've used our Aerus air purifiers for years, and they work perfectly.

William Benz

I bought the Aerus Hepa Filters for my home and I can breathe again!!! I have asthma and was on 2 strong medications twice a day. I was able to quit one medication and cut the other dose in half to only once a day! The money saved on prescriptions will more than pay for my hepa filter purchase. I would recommend these hepa filters to anyone with breathing issues or to prevent getting health problems from our dirty SLC air. It literaly cleans all the air inside your house so you are breathing clean air, which reverses the inflamation in your airways and gets your asthma under control! Super unbelievable health difference for me!!

Great central vacuum system and carpet shampooer too. What vacuum system can you buy once and have free service for the life of your vacuum, which in my case was over 15 years until I needed a new one. Anytime I have an issue or need products they deliver them right to you for free and service your system anytime you ask. The service is great!!

Caryn Thacker